How do professional players choose their football boots?


Football boots are essential sports shoes for both professional and amateur soccer players. Due to the higher technical requirements and the need for better on-field support, professional players have different criteria when selecting their football boots compared to non-professional players. So, how do professional players choose their football boots differently? Let’s find out in this article!

Choosing the right-sized boots


In football, players use their feet to play the game. That’s why professional players often choose boots that fit tightly around their feet from all angles. For professional players, a snug fit means the boots are quite tight compared to the sizing chosen by regular individuals.

In fact, many players often remove the insoles when selecting the size to buy football boots. By removing the insoles, the boots become wider, and they purchase a size that fits their feet snugly without the insoles. New football boots usually stretch and adapt over time. Professional players, who use their boots for high-intensity matches, experience quicker stretching compared to normal usage. Once the boots have stretched, they become more comfortable, and players can insert insoles to enhance the foot-hugging sensation provided by the boots.

By choosing boots in this manner, players can have a pair of football boots that fit their feet perfectly, even after extended use. If you want to improve your football skills, it’s advisable to consider selecting boots using a similar approach. However, keep in mind that wearing excessively tight football boots can cause foot pain and swelling if you’re not accustomed to them. Therefore, gradually adapt to wearing tight-fitting football boots to avoid any foot injuries.

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High flexibility requirement for the outsole


Football boots play a crucial role in supporting the game of football. That’s why professional players have high expectations when buying football boots. Among the factors they consider, the flexibility of the outsole is of great importance.

Professional players often use high-studded FG boots to play on natural grass pitches. Using FG boots with good flexibility enhances players’ jumping and acceleration abilities. You can check the outsole’s flexibility by wearing the boots and performing jumps in place to see if they provide the desired support during the movement.

Choosing familiar boot models


The most suitable football boot model is often one that has been used and worn in. That’s why many professional players, including members of the Vietnamese national team, have a preference for using older versions of football boots for many years.

Using a well-worn pair of football boots will provide the best ball feel and comfort for your feet. This is crucial for enhancing your performance on the field and minimizing potential errors that may occur when using unfamiliar football boots.

Although using long-familiar football boots is highly beneficial, the truth is that professional players worldwide often use new football boot models for competitions. Renowned footwear brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Mizuno design and manufacture football boots based on the feedback and desires of professional players. Even with new football boots, these brands ensure the designs are suitable and provide optimal support for professional players during matches.

Choosing only the top-end segment


Professional players typically use football boots from the top-end segment of famous brands. Football boots in the top-end segment are usually made from selected materials and incorporate new manufacturing technologies to enhance on-field performance. Therefore, if you’re playing football at a professional level, it is highly recommended to invest in top-end football boots to use.

So, Football Skills has shared some tips on choosing football boots like professional players. Playing football recreationally does not require you to be too strict when buying football boots. However, if you want to elevate your football skills, it is important to follow the selection methods employed by professional players.

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